<a href="https://thunderandlightningoverarizona.com/performers/b25-semper-fi/"><strong>B-25 "Semper Fi"</strong></a>

The PBJ-1J “Mitchell” flew into Camarillo from Midland, Texas in April, 1993.

After inspection, the aircraft was put into our long restoration process, and at the conclusion this “Mitchell” is as brand-new as it was when it came off the assembly line.

The B-25 Mitchell is painted in the colors of a Marine Corps PBJ-1J, named “Semper Fi” with Globe and Anchor painted on the starboard nose.

Role: Medium Bomber

Manufacturer: North American Aviation

Introduced: 1941

Power: 2 × Wright R-2600-92 Twin Cyclone 14-cylinder air-cooled radial engine, 1,700 hp each

Length: 52 ft 11 in

Height: 16 ft 4 in

Wingspan: 67 ft 7 in

Range: 1,350 mi